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Getting the Fans Excited with Music

While sitting at the Braves game the other night, I mentioned to Nate that Craig Kimbrel's "Welcome to the Jungle" entrance gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. We got to talking about different run out songs, and I mentioned how I liked a particular one where he prefers another, so what you're about to read is us duking it out, email-style, over whose run-out song idea is best. Enjoy!

Joey: A good run-out song can be surprisingly crucial to a crowd getting excited and putting a charge into the team. Think about Virginia Tech, running out to the trademark "Enter Sandman". The place goes absolutely nuts whenever they hear it. I was thinking about awesome songs that we could use, and my thought was to use "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes. My thought is this: Start with a highlight video pumping up the crowd for the first :40, then maybe a little text like "Jackets Fans, ARE YOU READY?" At which point the team runs through the banner with the Reck at that first big hit at :45. I just picture that, and I could see the place coming unglued over that. But maybe that's just me.

Nate: While I can see Joey's point with Icky Thump, I just don't think it has that overwhelming force of energy that is needed to get a crowd on VaTech 09 levels. What I think we need is something done by the king of partying and feeling good himself, Andrew W.K. The legendary song I Get Wet is like "The Final Countdown" of my generation, and makes me want to destroy everything that stands opposed to me every time I hear it. I have a feeling it would have the same effect on the football team, that's why I'm in such strong favor of it. We might have to finagle it a little bit to keep parents from having to answer the awkward question "but why is he getting wet daddy, is someone dumping a bucket of water on him?" But maybe it'll put some hair on these damn kids' chest who are coddled beyond belief nowadays (I'm a 6th year, do I sound like it?). Plus its basically a song celebrating an enemy's demise, what could be more appropriate for a football game?

More banter after the little yellow link below!

Joey: Really? A ska song? You think that our team and crowd would get pumped to that? I feel like we need to keep to the roots, simpler hard rock. I could see that song being nice for a mid-game pick-me-up type deal during a commercial, but if the team's going to run out to a song, it needs IMPACT. Like in Icky Thump, it's nothing terribly hard or intense, and then at that :40 mark it draws back a little more, before just going absolute headbanger at :45. Very similar to Welcome to the Jungle, where it starts on the guitar solo by itself, then adding more and more until the song's really moving (I also love the use of a siren sound in the background). Maybe that's just me, that I need a little buildup before getting really pumped up (no innuendos intended), but I can't help but think others would be similar.

Nate: In what universe is that a ska song? There's hard guitars, thrashing beats, and intense vocals! This is a ska song. Anyways, how could you NOT to get pumped to that. An epic, rising opening, followed by an intense riffing guitar with rapturous vocals talking about how excited you are to vanquish your enemy. I'd take that any day over the female Johnny Depps (I know Jack White is a man, I just don't like his music) of the music world babbling about immigration reform. Icky Thump, on the whole, is also too subdued throughout for my tastes. Sure you've got the riff at the end of the verse which is pretty intense, but the majority of the song is just Jack White singing with a kick drum backing. Not exactly high energy stuff.

Joey: I suppose in my world, up-tempo music with a horn section counts as ska music, but maybe I'm way off base. Also I personally wouldn't consider the topic of a song's lyrics in determining whether a team and crowd would get pumped up in listening to it, and I'm guessing neither would you (see: proposed song's title, "I Get Wet"). Clearly we each have different ideas on what gets folks pumped up for a beatdown on The Flats. Why don't we try to meet in the middle somewhere? A rock song with reasonably high tempo, energy, and about Down with the Sickness by Disturbed? The drum intro is a solid buildup to a great rock hit, and as long as they didn't let it get past the :50 mark or so (not really the type of song that has lyrics you want to play in a somewhat family environment). Or since you're all into the politically-charged stuff, what about a little Rage Against the Machine? Sleep Now In the Fire has some nice charge to it while also backing off a little. The first 1:15, without any lyrics, would make for an awesome hype video, with the team running out at the start of the first chorus, and as the chorus ends the band could come in with the fight song.

Nate: I can get behind Sleep Now in the Fire, a guitar hero (and, ya know, a normal) classic. But please, no Disturbed near BDS@HGF, some of the white trash from the song might rub off on our beautiful and historic venue.

Whatcha think, FTRS readers? Do you agree with Joey, Nate, both, or neither? Do you have other suggestions for what song we should run out of the tunnel to? Let's hear it!