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Tuesday Afternoon Links

He's ready for a lot more #Orwinning this fall. Are you?
He's ready for a lot more #Orwinning this fall. Are you?

Looking for some reading material on this Tuesday afternoon? I've got you covered.

For starters, here's SB Nation's coverage of ACC Preseason content. They've already covered Clemson, Florida State, and Virginia Tech -- Georgia Tech is sure to be soon to follow!

Orwin Smith is healthy and can't wait to get out there to make an impact.

There were some schools trying to poach Chris Griffin from us. He's having none of it, and they're finally catching on. ($)

CBS Sports with what I would consider a somewhat questionable schedule overview. Maybe you agree with what is written though?

Haters gonna hate! Anyone out there want to write a rebuttal?

If you were unaware, our campus is currently being used for the filming of a new movie, titled "The Internship", featuring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Its plot deals with interns at Google (presumably), and thus they've turned the CULC into Google HQ (complete with a slide) and the High Ropes Challenge Course into a Quidditch pitch. Quite possibly the coolest thing to ever happen at Tech....

Since the Olympics, at least. Some cool photos are being posted this week by Conference Services reminiscent of that Summer.