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Georgia Tech Football Season Preview: Quarterbacks

Is #13 the only QB we'll see much of this season?
Is #13 the only QB we'll see much of this season?

35 Days Til' Kickoff!!

I'll be leading off FTRS's season preview coverage today by taking a look at our QB situation heading into the fall. From here up until the season begins, we'll have content every weekday previewing different topics of discussion as we approach the end of this barren wasteland of not-football.

As we approach this season, there's one thing we all agree upon from a QB standpoint -- Tevin Washington will be starting in Blacksburg come September 3. It makes sense: he's the only proven QB on the roster, with experience and a very calm, cool, and collected nature to lead the team through Lane Stadium. But what happens from there is yet to be determined. As fans, we've been whining and crying about seeing Vad Lee on the field since about half an hour after he signed his Letter of Intent in February of 2011, and after a redshirt last year, I think there's a good chance that we start to see more and more of him as the season goes on. Rumors are suggesting that CPJ's plan for Game 2 against Presbyterian is to take Tevin out after a quarter or so and let Vad get plenty of in-game reps. What this is supposed to mean to me is that come the end of the season, we're looking to see quite a bit of Vad on a regular basis. However, I've never been too keen on the "dual-QB" systems, and I don't think Coach Johnson is one who looks to put unproven players into games without good reason -- meaning I don't expect him to put Vad in for a play or two here and there that are considered passing situations. That's just my opinion though, I feel like it's too gimmicky for Johnson's liking.

I should also probably point out that we have more QBs too. Neck-and-neck with Lee on the depth chart for the last year has been Synjyn Days, who is an incredibly gifted runner but has a knack for losing ball security and making some bad looking passes. Thus, things I've read pretty much point to him being done at QB, more or less a lock for a move to AB once fall practice starts. So we'll talk a little more about him tomorrow. Beyond Days, how about our two recruits? Well, Dennis Andrews is officially listed at AB after his spring practice made that seem like the natural position for him, and I'm not really sure what we'll do with Justin Thomas. Part of me says we should redshirt him to give class separation between him and Lee, while part of me thinks that his speed could be a real weapon for our offense immediately. Then part of me thinks that we don't have enough shotgun packages for him to make use of his speed without knowing Triple Option reads, and then part of me thinks that maybe I'm wrong and Johnson wants to do something gimmicky to put him in position to be a playmaker. Time will tell, but it should be interesting.

The long version is above. The short version is as such:

1) Washington is the starter, and probably will remain as such through most of the season.

2) Lee will see significant time in spots that will become more frequent through the season....though not as frequent as some think.

3) I don't know who QB #3 will be, as I think Thomas will be redshirted and I don't think we have any good options past him....which might be cause enough to not redshirt him. Let's just say TBD.

What do you say? Excited about our QBs? Think I got it wrong? Will Thomas redshirt or not? I want to hear your opinions.