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Mid-Afternoon Penn State Links

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Proceed at your own which I mean don't proceed if you don't want to hear any of it. Thus, everything else in this article will be after the jump.

For those looking for SB Nation perspective on the case, here are some good links to check out.

  • Just the facts of the sanctions from SB Nation's Jason Kirk are found here (or if you don't really want to do the whole "reading" thing, here's a video wrapup from headquarters). Shame, he always has great opinion articles. Maybe one is to come....
  • Spencer Hall's POV on the sanctions. This article's gotten an awful lot of praise in the last few hours, and I, too, love what he has to say.
  • Bomani Jones weighs in, blasting the NCAA for leaving Penn State in shambles.
  • Jeff Schultz thinks that the NCAA should have come down harder with a straight up death penalty.
  • Saw another article that spoke perfectly to my increasing anger with the NCAA's terrible recent record with letting the crime match the time. We have minor infractions with maximum punishment, while the likes of Miami, Ohio State, and Auburn involve themselves in blatant violations with little more than a firm slap on the wrist. Now Penn State gets an enormous, debilitating penalty from the NCAA for something only sports-related by association. I won't stand up for Penn State here, and I appreciate what the NCAA/B1G are trying to do by setting up support funds for those who are victims of similar crimes, but my point is that it's frustrating to me how the NCAA has become incredibly inconsistent when determining who gets what kind of punishment.