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Monday Morning Recruitment Update is Back in Business!

The Monday Morning Recruitment Update is back in business this week as Georgia Tech received commitments #9 and #10 within just a few hours on Thursday! Good to have some momentum back after a couple weeks of little action on the recruiting front. As per usual, FTRS reader TBuzz managed to post a bit of a review of the story before I was, and provided some really good insight on what this does for us in regards to other recruits. I'll go ahead and turn it over to TBuzz with his excellent writeup:

Really excited about these two. John Marvin starred at this past GT summer camp, he's a big physical CB in the CAG mold. He's from Fort Walton Beach HS in Florida. Late bloomer, so his rankings are scattered. ESPN and Rivals have him at 3 stars with a (ESPN with a 77 rating)...but ratings usually shake out after July.

Justin Akins is currently exploding on the recruiting trail with a nice long offer sheet...until now overshadowed by his more well-known teammate Jay Woods at Jackson HS just south of Atlanta. Word is they came back from Clemson together (were he has an offer), but Akins chose to commit to Tech. Justin, from what I've read, is also the younger brother of former Tech PG Tony Akins....we finally nabbed a legacy then!

Open spots are going fast with 10 commits on the board. Look for Brandon Facyson, Darius Curry, or Cameron Sutton to make moves soon on the other DB spots available. Hopefully this helps seal the deal with Jay Woods at the DL spot as well.

A quick discussion after the jump!

With Tech looking at a recruiting class of no more than 18ish, we're over halfway there at this point. Recruits are very much aware of that, and know that if others commit before they do, there will not be a spot for them (barring them being an absolute superstar in the making), meaning they need to go ahead and get a move-on if they're serious about the Flats. We're in good positions with the four folks listed in the final paragraph, so here's to hoping that we're able to cash-in!

These guys being high-rated three stars makes me go back to the theme of consistent improvement we're seeing in the quality of athletes we're getting to come play at Tech. The only guy that we currently have committed who is rated at 2-stars on any service is Jeremi Hall, who's rated as such by, though other services have him at 3-stars (ESPN, Scout) and even 4-stars (Rivals). So I'm really not too concerned about the quality there at all. Also I was reminding my father this weekend of Travin Henry, who was hardly rated anywhere because nobody knew about him, but probably would have been a 4-star prospect had he been discovered before his senior year. Just more evidence of the theme of good talent evaluation and overall recruiting success.

Tell me, dedicated readers, are you drinking the recruiting Kool-Aid yet?

Hope everyone has a great Monday...because those exist and all. Though it's easier when you only gotta work 2 days before having Wednesday off! We've got some fun stuff planned for this week, stay tuned...