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Thursday Morning Linkage

46 Days 'Til Kickoff!!

So I've mapped out the calendar, and come to the conclusion that if I continue to do recruitment updates every Monday, with the season 6 weeks away, we have 24 other weekdays, which will be perfect for season preview content. So get yourself ready for fall preview content, and LOTS of it, starting next week. But until then, here are some cool links to check out today, and tomorrow Nate will post a recap of his interview last week with a few of our O-Linemen.

For starters, I got this in an email from reader Aaron, who points out that of all those folks who DO have statue tributes, none of our legendary players or coaches do. Not John Heisman, Bobby Dodd, Bill Alexander, Clint Castleberry, Joe Hamilton, or Calvin Johnson. You OK with this, or think it's time for a tribute or two in Callaway Plaza?

In preparation for tomorrow, check out this article about our O-Line and its high expectations. (DISCLAIMER: WRITTEN BY DINICH. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.)

He may not end up committing to us, but after reading this, I cannot help but think that Jay Woods has one of the best heads of any recruit's shoulders out there. What an impressive young man.

Syracuse fans seem to be taking this whole Big East breakup deal quite well. Moving right along to where they think about who they'll be playing come next year in things such as football, basketball, and this strange game that seems to be played on a football field, but with a stick and a hockey goal. Miami is also interested in such scenarios.

Speaking of which, Pittsburgh seems to have gotten jealous of how quickly Syracuse was able to get away from its crazy ex, and decided to join the party sooner rather than later as well.

Finally, Jeremiah Attaochu was rightfully named to the Lombardi Watch List. Hooray!

That's all for now. Hope you all have a great Thursday.