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Biggest Heisman Snubs?

48 Days Til' Kickoff!!

PAUSE. At least let me introduce the topic before we start screaming about the Young Lefthander. Jeez. As a follow-up to last week's post by Nate, this week we'd like to discuss which Heisman candidate has been the biggest snub of all time. I'll talk about a couple here, and one of them, I'm sure you're aware, needs no introduction.

Resume. As we're all very much in agreement, Joe Hamilton is by far the single biggest Heisman snub to ever walk the face of the Earth. He set ACC career records for total offense, touchdown passes, and total touchdowns. His senior season of 1999, he was a consensus first-team All-American, won the Davey O'Brien trophy as the nation's best Quarterback, and finished second only to Wisconsin's Ron Dayne in the Heisman voting. Truly unthinkable, when compared to Dayne's 1,834 rushing yards which, when combined with his first 3 seasons, broke Ricky Williams' all-time NCAA rushing record. Even still though, Joe Hamilton is the MAN. Ron Dayne does NOT deserve that Heisman as much as #14 did. We as Tech fans will never forget this, and never will we let the Heisman voters forget about the monumental mistake they made by forgetting about Hamilton.

Now that we've established that Hamilton is in a league of his own among those who have not won Heisman trophies, I want to talk about who else might possibly begin to fit in a sentence with Hamilton as the second-biggest snub of all time, however distant they may be in comparison. That someone absolutely has to be Vince Young. While certainly no Joe Hamilton, Young's junior season featured a national championship performance of 267 passing yards, 200 rushing yards, and 3 rushing TD's (including the game winner with less than 10 seconds to play). His season leading up to that game ended with over 3,000 passing yards (26 TD's, 10 INTs) and over 1,000 rushing yards (12 TD's), making for a solid Joe Hamilton impersonator. He lost to Reggie Bush (at the time, although the record currently states that Bush has vacated that trophy due to NCAA violations) who, yes, led the country in all-purpose yards at over 220yds/game, but is still no Vince Young, and certainly no Joe Hamilton.

There you go. My biggest Heisman snubs are Vince Young, and more importantly Joe Hamilton. What say you, noble readers? Any other Heisman snubs that belong on the same website as Joe Hamilton, much less the same article?

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