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Thursday Morning Linkage


I'm running out of ideas for content in this barren desert of offseason, so I thought this might be a good chance to get you updated on what others are saying about the current world of Georgia Tech sports. So you know, Nate is headed to the Edge Center today to conduct interviews with a few more players, so hopefully he'll have some of those to read early next week!

Here's an article in the AJC discussing RB commit Travis Custis. reports that Custis is visiting this weekend, and it's a much more important visit than you might expect ($).

Speaking of, here's a great article about TJ Barnes's mindset and preparation for the coming season. We all expect big things (no pun intended) out of him. (Registration not required for this particular story!)

Need to get caught up on the SBNCFBHoF voting? Head over here! Especially when they open up wide receiver voting cough cough.

SBN's Penn State blog is Black Shoe Diaries. Today is when the Freeh Report is released, concerning Penn State's handling of the whole Sandusky case. If you want to hear a little insight from their fanbase on how they feel, head over here to their open thread.

Nick Saban's daughter may fight like a girl, but apparently that's good enough to get sued. Get that girl on the field! ROLL TIDE!

Here's a look at uga's new uniforms for the upcoming season.

Only at Tech.

Finally, if you didn't see it, this Tech student almost got mugged, but then made the assailant feel like a bad person and walk away dejected. I guess self-defense could involve hurting someone's psyche instead of their body. 'Atta girl, TAKE THE POWER BACK!