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SB Nation's College Football HoF has New Members!

Last week I submitted our nominations for SB Nation's new CFB HoF (learn your acronyms, kids) along with bloggers from most other schools in America, and the results are in. Here's the deal:

10 players (one from each position group) were inducted off the bat by a completely non-biased (cough) selection committee. They are as follows:

QB Vince Young, Texas
RB Ricky Williams, Texas
WR Randy Moss, Marshall
TE Ozzie Newsome, ROLL TIDE!
OL Orlando Pace, An Ohio State University

DL Dwight Freeney, Syracuse
LB Mike Singletary, Baylor
DB Rod Woodson, Purdue
ST/ATH Desmond Howard, Michigan
Coach Bear Bryant, ROLL TIDE!

Certainly a very prestigious crew, though they unfortunately do not include a Georgia Tech man among them. However, there still might be one to join their ranks yet. All day today there will be articles posted here prompting YOU, the loyal SB Nation readers, to vote for more inductees into the SBNCFBHoF's (because that rolls off the tongue) inaugural class. There are already some up, but you can check there repeatedly for when new ballots come up. Not really too sure of the schedule for posting them, but you MIGHT JUST WANT TO MAKE A STOP BY ONCE THE WIDE RECEIVERS ARE PUT UP HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE.

Happy voting, and thanks again for helping me with our nominees!

Link fixed as of 1pm EST.