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Friday Morning Linkage


Well, it's the end of a week that has, honestly, been pretty bare on news worth reporting. There were rumors flying around about DRad being a potential candidate for the Texas A&M position, but those have been put to rest with A&M's reported hiring yesterday of USCe's former AD. However, there are more links worth looking at while you stay indoors today!

Last night I returned home from the Braves game to learn that Georgia Tech had gotten TWO commitments in a matter of hours. The first: DB John Marvin from Fort Walton Beach, FL, who earned an offer while here at camp. The other was DE Justin Akins from Jackson High School, who got so fed up with all the BS on his visit to Clemson that he committed to Tech as soon as he left. Atta boy, take the power back!

Speaking of taking the power back, if you haven't heard already, that's exactly what a Tech student did on Tuesday morning.

Here's a fantastic story that speaks very highly of the character of QB Synjyn Days. It always impresses me what outstanding individuals we manage to recruit.

....which leads me to the next story, and without any further comment, I still think you'll understand how.

To round it out, here's a story about a legacy, 5-star DE who hardly gave us a second look. I'd say it's worth the read.

That's all for now, but we should have some pretty exciting stuff coming next week. Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!