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Progressive Tailgate Locations as Campus gets Prettier

I've been on campus for 3 years now. I've seen an awful lot of renovations done, even in such a short time. I don't even remember most of where I went on my campus tour before my senior year because everything looks THAT different. That being said, so many renovations can mean only one thing: more opportunities for gameday tailgating....because slamming bourbon and hot dogs is much more difficult than it sounds. So as you consider where to buy your parking pass, consider these recent additions that may influence your decision.

-- The CULC Lawn: Tailgate out on the lawn of the CULC. For those who haven't been around in a while, it's the newest building on campus, named after our last president G. Wayne Clough. It took 2 years to construct (when I was at orientation, it was like a giant pile of the end of my second year, it was like a giant pile of dirty metal), but is now a perfect opportunity to host tailgating in the fall. The location is ideal -- right down the hill from the Library before the Student Center, putting it very close to the stadium. It has facilities indoors for when nature calls. It has a Starbucks inside, in case someone in your party is more into Kahlua than Maker's. Most importantly, it has a giant cistern under the lawn for capturing any spillage, which will then be reused inside. Oh, and it has a really cool roof garden too.

-- The North Avenue Dining Hall: Not that I'm bitter or anything, but those administrative SOB's tore out Wingnuts after my freshman year and replaced the entire area under the North building of the North Avenue Apartments with a new dining hall. Its purpose: to relieve Brittain of some (or apparently all) traffic and stay open all night and serve those students who don't really get a chance to sleep. It's in a prime location, right across the street from the South side of the stadium (and the Wardlaw Center), as well as between the North Avenue MARTA station and the stadium, for those of you looking to cross the bridge and avoid that 8:30am Varsity cuisine.

A couple more after the jump!

-- The 5th Street Bridge: Not one of the more recent renovations, but still a very nice, newer area where a lot of tailgating happens. Perfect for the fan who's looking to be near some finer cuisine (read: nicer than dining hall or Varsity food), with Moe's, 5th Street Ribs & Blues, Ray's, Tin Drum, and other restaurants being nearby. Also great for those who want a location near the Greek sector that is a little more "family-friendly" than that area might tend towards. A quick quarter mile down Techwood away from the stadium, and also right near the bookstore (and its own Starbucks location)!

-- The Greek Sector: Shameless plug here. Any alumni who are looking to relive their college days (who isn't?), this is a perfect opportunity. The Greek sector provides the total game day experience, complete with excessive drinking, drinking games, boisterous frat boys, Southern girls in sun dresses, cornhole, the occasional TV laden with College GameDay, and some solid game day music. Go by your house, or even if you weren't Greek go stop by any house that looks fun. Because if you think they'd turn down literally anyone who walks in with a case of beer, you've got another thing coming.

10:00am EST Addendum:

-- The IC Lawn: It has been brought to my attention that I completely whiffed on this area, as it's one of the main tailgate hubs for all of campus. Many an alumnus and sidewalk fan alike can be found in this area, tearing it up the old-fashioned way, complete with grills, beer, bourbon, families, and tailgate games as far as the eye can see. After the game, head back this way and join one of the RV's that's parked nearby to catch up on all of the action that went on while you cheered on the White and Gold while making a few new friends. Young or old, alumnus or sidewalk fan, I guarantee you a good time if you tailgate in this area.

What say you, Tech fans? Where do you tailgate? One of the above locations? Tech Tower Lawn? A hidden corner of campus? Your living room in a faraway land?