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Time for a Runoff!

After compiling the results of yesterday's poll, I noticed a very interesting trend that went as such: of 32 responses, over 2/3 included John Heisman (22), Joe Hamilton (24), Bobby Dodd (25), and the leading vote-getter Calvin "Megatron" Johnson (29 of 32!). However, at the end of the tallying, we had two tied for 5th with 9 votes each (quite the dropoff from Coach Heisman's 22), those being Randy Rhino and Eddie Lee Ivory. Thus, with FTRS being much more of a democracy than a dictatorship, I've made the executive decision to incite a runoff between the two for who will be our fifth and final nomination! Poll will be at the bottom of this article. But just who are we voting for again? Well....

Eddie Lee Ivery played running back at Georgia Tech between 1975-1978. In 1978 he finished 8th in Heisman voting after setting records in: NCAA Single Game Yards per Carry (min 26 attempts, against Air Force), NCAA Single Game Rushing Yards (also against Air Force), and Georgia Tech Rushing Yards in a Season. He also finished 3rd in school history in Career Rushing Yards (3,517) and 4th in school history in career All-Purpose Yards (4,324). He was elected to the Georgia Tech Athletics Hall of Fame in 1983, but is not a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Randy Rhino was a star defensive back for the Yellow Jackets in the early 1970s. He was drafted to the Canadian Football League in 1975, but not before being named a consensus 1973 All-American pick. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2002. (Don't attribute this short list of accomplishments to being less accomplished, attribute it to a much shorter Wikipedia page.)

Who's it going to be, Tech fans?

Posted early to compensate, but this poll will close at 4pm EST so that I can relay the results to the writer conducting the poll at SB Nation.