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Time to finalize our nominations!

Monday Morning Recruitment Update is on vacation this week due to an alarmingly low volume of news. In the meantime, here's a special bit of stimulating content for your Monday morning!

FTRS Readers,

After last week's nominations thread, I have gone through to find as many names that were mentioned as possible. I've added them to a form, which you will find below. We can nominate a total of 5 individuals (regardless of position), so think of the top 5 overall individuals before hitting the submit button. Also, if you're like me and in need of a history lesson when it comes to Georgia Tech Football before 1990 (not including 1917, 1928, and 1952), just vote for the top 5 names that you recognize -- chances are that there is a good reason that you recognize them to begin with.

Last order of business -- if you feel strongly about one or two of your nominations, it'd be really helpful if you wrote a paragraph about them to minimize my research prior to submitting the names!

I owe them these nominations by either Tuesday or Thursday (can't remember), so get them in ASAP!