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Monday Morning Recruitment Part Wednesday: Wrapping up a Great Week

You know Tech's sports programs are doing well when you're still getting Monday Morning Recruitment Updates on Wednesday. Last week, following the commitments of Point Guard Solomon Poole and Offensive Tackle Chris Griffin, our football program received yet another commitment in the form of kicker Harrison Butker on Saturday evening. Butker is out of Westminster High School in Atlanta, and while he's only a 2-star prospect, he's also considered the #3 kicker nationally by Rivals. (You can't really consider star ratings when it comes to kickers.) Butker commits to Tech over offers from Auburn and Boston College, with interest from Duke, North Carolina, Stanford, and Duke (in case there were any questions surrounding his academic abilities). He's the 8th commitment in Tech's 2013 class, and committed after a few visits around to other places. (I like his strategy there -- visit other places, just to make sure, and then commit. No use in rushing anything -- it's not some sort of race.)

I like that we're taking another kicker. Seems that we acknowledge that our current crew of David Scully and Justin Moore isn't working, and once again we see Paul Johnson directly confront problem areas. Also, with a new special teams coordinator, hopefully he can give some special attention to the kickers as far as technique and mindset. I can understand why some folks would be upset that we're spending another scholarship on a kicker though. What say you, loyal fans? Happy that we're addressing issues? Angry that we're using up scholarships? Tell me about it.

As a side note, I'll also throw in here that it looks as though Nigel Bowden has re-committed to Vanderbilt, rounding out his best impression of Stephon Tuitt. But for what it's worth, I really would find it hard to believe that we're done here. I'd imagine we'll leave him alone for a while and revisit him in the fall -- this one's far from over.