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Monday Morning Recruitment Update Gets Excited for Abnormal Reasons

<em><strong>Coach Brian Gregory -- Kicking ass and taking names in recruiting.</strong>

Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE</em>
Coach Brian Gregory -- Kicking ass and taking names in recruiting. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

You're about to get thrown for a loop here. This article is about to discuss a) things that don't pertain to football, and b) a lot of excitement over the signing of a kicker. Now, since I just made your mental haze of this Monday morning that much thicker, let's go ahead and begin discussing.

When I say "things that don't pertain to football", I'm referring to basketball's weekend acquisition of one Solomon Poole. I'm going to go ahead and pass this story off to one of FTRS's esteemed readers, JohnHeisman, who's given a solid writeup covering the pickup of the younger Poole.


Back in January Georgia Tech Basketball received good news; Tech gained 6 foot 4 guard Stacey Poole, a transfer from Kentucky. Stacey was considered as high as the number 33 recruit in the nation out of high school in Jacksonville, FL, and moved up to Lexington in 2010 to play a total of 45 minutes for the Wildcats before deciding to transfer. He enrolled at the Institute in the spring and will be eligible to play starting in January (NCAA rules state that a transfer must be enrolled for a year at his university before being allowed to play again).

Now I'm sure you're wondering why I'm telling you this as it seems a bit like old news. Well, Stacey isn't the only talented son of Stacey and Shelley Poole (Fun fact: Father Stacey ranks as the number four all time scorer for the University of Florida.) His younger brother, Solomon Poole, is a five star point guard, a top 15 prospect, and became Tech's first commitment of 2013 on Saturday. Solomon is explosively athletic and some people have compared his big play ability to John Wall's.

(More discussion and a highlight video after the jump!)

"First of all, I picked Georgia Tech because I think ACC is the best conference for basketball... Also, my brother is there." He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, in the video linked at the bottom of the article, he takes time to give a shout out to his family and to say that he loves them. Another interesting tidbit is that he tells his brother Stacey to "Keep your head up in Kentucky, everything will be alright", possibly because Stacey was not enjoying or feeling comfortable at UK.

This commitment seems to be the punctuation on Brian Gregory's rebuttal of the commonly held belief that he won't be able to recruit as well as Paul Hewitt did. Solomon is the fifth commitment of the Brian Gregory era, which consists of 2 three star prospects, 2 four star prospects, and one 5 star. His 2012 recruiting class is ranked 14th in the country, good for 3rd in the ACC (behind, you guessed it, Dook and Carolinie.)

"The program has a tradition of point guards going into the league, guys like Stephon Marbury and Mark Price." That list could be a lot longer with guys like Travis Best, Kenny Anderson, and Jarrett Jack. Hopefully in the future Solomon Poole will be another name to add to that list.

LilBroey700: A lot of encouraging recruiting is happening on the Flats between football and basketball. We'll discuss the football acquisition in tomorrow's article, but for now, let's hear your thoughts on the job that Brian Gregory has done in his first two years of recruiting.

Solomon Poole (Jaevids) (via Jae quickvids)