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Thursday Afternoon Recruitment Update: On Commitment and the Lack Thereof

Reports came out yesterday afternoon of Georgia Tech receiving their 8th commitment of the class in the form of OL Chris Griffin. He's 6'6", 275lbs, and given a few more pounds has a pretty ideal frame for a tackle (he's about the same size as Phil Smith). This gives us 3 O-Linemen for this class (along with Jeremi Hall and Shamire Devine), with each looking to play different positions -- Griffin at Tackle, Hall at Guard, Devine at Tackle. It looks as if we're done pulling in O-Linemen for this class. (More on Griffin in the regularly-scheduled Monday Morning Update.)

In other news, Nigel Bowden seems really unsure of what he wants to do. He had a nasty case of the cold feet last week, brought on by Vanderbilt HC James Franklin giving us all one more reason to love him in getting his players (who Bowden had bonded a lot with already) to text Bowden, guilt tripping him over flipping his commitment. So while it looks like we're back to square one between us and Vanderbilt on Bowden, I refuse to remove him from the Commitment Board, at least until something official is announced. I still think that we end up with him, based on things that he said around the time he committed. Also, following the de-commitment of Derrick Henry from the DWAGS, there are some rumblings about the recruit who played a large role in pulling Naim Mustafaa over to Athens possibly re-thinking his commitment (link requires registration). Could this become the opening Tech needs to recover its legacy linebacker? Stay tuned.