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As One Chapter Ends, A New One Begins

It was the summer after my freshman year at the Institute when my fraternal big brother (one GTNate....hence the name LilBroey) sat me down to tell me that there was more to life than the AJC Sports blogs and their comments sections, and started raving to me about this Tech sports blog called "From the Rumble Seat".

Thank God that we had that conversation. Less than eighteen months later, we were approached by Winfield to become contributors to the blog as the specialists in recruiting content. I had a ton of fun throughout the entire recruiting process, covering all of the ups and downs, introducing all of the new recruits to the readers here, finally culminating in a live blog from the Edge Center on National Signing Day. From there, I had run out of recruiting content but still really enjoyed writing for the site as a hobby and came up with all sorts of topics worth discussing (at least in my mind). A few weeks ago, it was an incredibly humbling moment when Winfield came to me, saying he'd like for me to inherit such an awesome online source of Georgia Tech sports content from its creator. It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to take the reigns here at FTRS.

A quick introduction for those who do not know my background -- I'm a rising 4th year Industrial and Systems Engineering major at Tech from Lawrenceville, GA. I've served two summers (2010, 2011) as a FASET Orientation leader, I just spent my first semester as a campus tour guide this spring, and last fall was my first time as a GT1000 TL (translation: freshman seminar assistant). I've only played one season of organized football in my life (5th grade), but that's something I regret and wish I would have continued with as it has developed into my hands-down favorite sport since being in college. I have yet to miss a Tech home football game in my college career, meaning I was at both this game as well as this game (yes, I was absolutely on the field at the end of both), though I also had the privilege of attending this game with my then-girlfriend and her family (all huge DWAG fans -- it was quite the satisfying afternoon).

I look forward to serving all of you as the new head of this fine blog. I'm hoping I will be able to continue the growth here and seeing to it that we produce content that the readers will enjoy.

Yours In White and Gold,