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The Closing Of My Final Chapter

It's time to face the inevitable.

Life gets busy. And mine has surely picked up. I kept on telling myself that it was just the spring sport season plus summer that was keeping me away from FTRS but I finally faced the reality of the situation.

When GobblerCountry's furrer4heisman left in April he said:

There's something fitting about that. In college sports you get four years to leave your mark and then you move on and let the next group make their mark during their time. The same goes for me and this blog.

The time has now come for me to say goodbye to all of you at FromTheRumbleSeat.

I started this blog back in the winter of 2007 on Wordpress. I added a writer or two and we moved to Blogger. We were fortunate enough to build a large community that surpassed my greatest expectations. And for that I thank you.

I've seen blogs come and go and the trick is consistency. Bird and I had a goal to have a post a day. When the two of us were at our peak, nobody could touch our content rate. Hell, he even wrote a piece about the RGB color make up of the conference. Then Bird got busy with work and his life continued on and the blog still pushed content to the surface. Now I'm busy and a big career move is in store and it's time to put some order in my life. My life will take a turn, but the blog will continue to push content to the surface as LilBroey takes over as site manager and GTNate as his right hand man. Keep them in line guys, and help them out when they ask for it.

I couldn't be more proud to watch a site and community that I helped create from nothing continue on without me. Remember when just a year ago, we still had absolutely zero recruiting coverage? Not so anymore thanks to the new leaders.

Thank you again. I've made a lot of friendships through this endeavor and I value them all.

Go Jackets!