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Monday Morning Recruitment Update has some bad news

I hate to be the bearer of bad news on a rainy Monday morning (for those in the Atlanta area), but it would appear as though Georgia Tech has lost out on legacy recruit and 4-star OLB prospect Naim Mustafaa, as he is reported to have committed to georgie on Saturday. This was very disappointing news for our staff, as we hate to lose a legacy, especially one with all of that talent, and even moreso to the in-state rival. There had been reports for weeks that he would be committing to Tech and it would just be a matter of time, but it would seem that in all that time he decided to go and play in Athens. Apparently there is also some suspicious activity surrounding him transferring high schools, but I don't know enough about the situation to give any specifics.

I hate that we're going to have to play against him every year and I wish he would have pledged to Tech, but I do wish him the very best at georgie (at least for 51 weeks out of the year).

This news coming on the tails of a report last week that 4-star ILB Nigel Bowden, who flipped from Vanderbilt a couple of weeks ago, was having cold feet about the switch and really wasn't sure where he wanted to end up. Sucks that after a few weeks of solid momentum with recruiting, we now suffer these major speed bumps. However, having seen what I have the past couple years, I still have significant reason to think that this staff will pull off the best class we've seen yet in the Paul Johnson era.