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Monday Morning Mustache, Brother!

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Here's a good musical kickstart to your Monday morning, as well as for this article: link. You'll probably want it as a musical background for reading this article.

Wait for it....wait for it.....there! When you heard that initial guitar hit, what was your first thought? Chances are that if you've ever been a fan of professional wrestling, it involved the following face:



That's right, brother. We're profilin' this legend for all you Hulkamaniacs this morning! One of the most famous and distinct moustaches of our time belongs to none other than Hulk Hogan. It's an incredibly visually defining attribute for such a legend, and such an essential part of who the Hulkster is. With perfect thickness, a color that's not ridiculous while being very distinct against his skin, and a technically perfect execution of the handlebars, there is really nothing that can be criticized here. He's a living legend, one of the all-time-best in a business that has reached folks (men, in particular) across every corner of the world. He's done it all, from WWF/WWE to TNA to AWA to Japan to an MTV show, the man is always recognized as straight up charismatic greatness, and there can be no doubt that such a legendary, signature mustache has quite a bit to do with that.

All hail the Hulkstache, brother!

Next week's MMM article will profile one requested by one of our own. If you have a request for a hero with a mustache you'd like profiled, please send them to jeweaver700 [at) gmail [dot) com, and I'd be more than happy to write about it.