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The ACC Tournament Starts Today And Georgia Tech Must Realign Itself

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Georgia Tech baseball has found itself in a position that it hasn’t worried about for 32 years as they absolutely had to beat Miami on Sunday to make it into the ACC Tournament. The Jackets faced history as being the first GT squad to miss the conference tournament since the Institute joined in 1980. But all this doesn’t matter anymore as they were able to make it into the postseason. Now the Jackets realize that they must continue to win in the ACC Tournament, ironically a tournament that nobody likes, to remain alive for any postseason.

It’s been one of those years for the Yellow Jackets where the arms got injured and the bats couldn’t connect at the opportune times like we’ve always been used to. Regardless, the team made it into the conference tournament and we can consider the slate almost completely wiped clean.

The ACC Tournament is a unique one as it only takes the Top-8 teams where there are 2 brackets of 4 teams that play round-robins within themselves and the top team from each bracket plays a championship game. As Tech played its way into the #8 seed, they will play Florida State, Virginia, and Clemson throughout the week. First pitch game 1 will be today at 11AM EST.

Finding updated NCAA Tournament baseball projections can be difficult but Perfect Game USA has some available. There, Kendall Rogers has GT as one of the last teams to make it in the tournament and slated to be a #3 seed in Columbia, SC. Don't ask questions, just accept the placement.

In order to solidify themselves in the NCAA Tournament, winning is crucial and it all starts today.