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The future of football

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This story is in today's AJC. It follows by a few days the story of the SEC and Big 12 signing a contract that ESPN said might be the end of the ACC. I have a question for FTRS readers. If you were a parent of a ten year old boy, would you let him play youth football?

Before you answer, here is something to consider. If he plays football, the likelihood that he will still be playing in ten years is about 5%. Forget about the odds of making the NFL. Only about 200 of today's high school seniors nationwide will ever play pro football. Of the college players, only about half are getting scholarships to play. The others are in Division II or III and are getting virtually no help.

Here is where the rub comes in. Let's say he plays soccer instead. The odds are he will still be playing the sport when he turns 40. He will have enjoyed the sport and the community of fellow athletes for all his life. He will have lot's of stories to tell and videos to share. And will probably be free of serious injury.

What if every high school replaced their football stadium with an indoor pool and formed a swim team? My neighbor is 65 and swimming competitively. Her husband is doing the same at 70. If you are a parent, which way do you lead your child? It seems more parents are starting to ask this question.

So, what does this matter to us? If you are a parent and say no to your son, how many other parents are doing the same? When will the number of high school players diminish enough that schools quit fielding football teams? At that point, what does the SEC really stand for? Or the ACC for that matter?