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FTRS Roundtable: What Has Happened To Our Favorite Sport, College Football?

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Conference expansion talk just won't go away. We've passed the point of no return. The FTRS guys got together to discuss the issue:

LilBroey700 - At the end of last week, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Florida State came out and publicly stated that the school was unhappy with the ACC's long-term TV deal with ESPN, and that they would be exploring the possibility of a move to the Big 12, although no contact has been had yet, allegedly. Recent news also involved talks about redeveloping the BCS system, likely involving a plus-one game, although Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has publicly stated his support for a system that would require schools to be conference champions to be eligible for the championship. The implication here is largely that independents Notre Dame and BYU would have to join a conference, lest they have no chance at a championship and watch their programs go down in a fiery ball. Let's talk scenarios here. What would you say the chances are that Florida State leaves the ACC, or that Notre Dame/BYU join conferences, and if that happens, what does it mean for Georgia Tech and its future?

Personally, my opinion isn't so much based on Florida State or BYU as Notre Dame. I can easily see Notre Dame being spooked by the idea of being left out of the championship hunt, and enticed to join either the Big Ten or ACC (for academic quality and non-football athletic quality...although they compete in the Big East in every sport except football). Joining the Big Ten creates a scenario where the Big Ten would then be at 13 schools, and could shoot for as many as 16 to round themselves out. From there, the names I've heard thrown around for joining are Georgia Tech, Maryland, and Rutgers. All 3 are of acceptable athletic quality, are in a major TV market (Atlanta, DC, New York), and are members of the Association of American Universities.

How do you feel about the above possibilities?

Winfield Featherston - first of all WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?
second of all WHEN WILL THIS EVER END? Answer: It won't. Football TV money has gotten too big. Was anyone actually burnt out by college football last year? I was and I think it was because of all this manufactured TV drama. Information overload. In fact, it made me want to turn inside, back into my GT bubble and just watch GT and worry / watch GT football. I became more peaceful in my respects to college football.

That being said, I don't know all the ins and outs of FSU's complaining but what I do know is that the new ACC realignment partnership increased the buyout clause to $20million a school which makes me think FSU might just be grumbling. IF this was to happen (yet again) the SEC is my #1 favorite followed by the B1G. Why? The SEC is a pipe dream though and it won't happen. The most realistic option for Georgia Tech would be the BigTen. We line up with those schools academically and we hold an elusive TV market for them that they don't have yet. Getting to football games would be a nightmare though.

But seriously, screw this. Enough already.

orientalnc - Delaney can say anything he wants. I doubt FSU is about to move. The TV deal in the Big 12 is MUCH worse for FSU than the ACC deal. Texas owns that conference and it will as long as the ESPN deal for the Longhorn network exists. I bet ESPN has veto rights on any team moving in or out of either conference. If I were ESPN, I would certainly demand a cancellation clause. The Noles are likely in the ACC for the long term.

New topic. Matt Kuchar won at Ponte Vedra today.

GTNate - All this is predicated on ND joining a conference, which is predicated on the playoff model being the "no non-conference-champions" model, which has been endorsed by 1/6 leagues. I think its all silly and I agree with Winfield, I just DON'T watch ESPN anymore because I can't deal with their a.) obvious bias and b.) the absolute bullshit they pass off as content. The 24 hr news network killed news.

In other words, yay Kuchar!

Atlanta's original team - Oh, my aching brain! This is why my wife will not watch college sports anymore. She is convinced it has nothing to do with the ideals of higher education and is ruled by sleazy stuffed suits who are trying to make a financial killing.

So, my opinion? I think Notre Dame has successfully beaten the need to join a conference for now. The SEC seems firmly committed to the idea of a national championship game that does not have to have a conference championship as a prerequisite. I think the reasons for this are obvious.

I would be surprised to see FSU leave the ACC. With their football team supposedly ready to move into the national spotlight they would be stupid to go through all the disruption that a buyout, schedule scramble and potential lawsuit would bring if they tried to leave at this time.

As for Tech. I am ready for them to make the ACC the best conference in the country. Part of me wishes they had never left the SEC but I understand and agree with the reasons they left. That conference was filled with assholes back then and it is filled with assholes now.

Next time I will not be so measured with my words.

LilBroey700 - Isn't FSU always ready to return to the national spotlight? They've been a national championship contender for 10 years now, it seems, though I can't remember the last time they won a conference championship.

I can't imagine there's too much fear to leave over bad press. It's attention, and when trying to take a leading role in the national spotlight there's no bad press. You don't see Alabama back down from oversigning (not that they just own it either), and you don't see others shy away from recruiting violations or other problems. Bringing attention to a program is good, with the exception being the attention being consistently negative.

What do you all say?