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Friday Night Music - Arcade Fire

I was watching videos of this band last week and thinking about why I like them so much. Finally the lights came on and I found an explanation that made sense. I first saw them at the Barack Obama rally in Carrboro, NC just before our primary in 2008. I had never heard them before. A friend reminded me that they are falling into a long and honored lineage of bands that give their time free to support the causes for which they believed. It reminded me of why I have such a strong bond in my mind that links music with elections.

We had an election here in NC this week that coincided with yet another major event by our President. There was no music and not much joy if you agreed with my vote. But still, the importance of music in politics is very clear when you attend a rally in person. It sets a mood for the candidate that is truly emotional. He walks onto stage to speak to an audience that's very open to his message. Barack Obama was a master at staging these rallies. He carried NC.with 67% of the vote and later came back to win again in November.

Enjoy the music. When your favorite candidate comes to town, go out and support them. And enjoy the music. If you don't, find another candidate.