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Pours One Out For A Blogging Bro

When I first started blogging, I had a torrent of RSS Feeds throughout the ACC and other sites that I read through daily. I was in school at the time and reading about football was more enjoyable and more fun that studying probability or supply chain economics. Today, reading about football is still more fun than most things, but now that I have a job, the paycheck comes first and my reading has fallen off and I only have to stay up to date on Georgia Tech news. So this is why just late last night did I realize that my blogging bro furrer4heisman of GobblerCountry has decided to hang it up. I guess he decided it was finally time to move out of his parents basement.

Has it really been four years? I remember when we were still "blogging n00bs" over on wordpress and blogspot trying to find our niche. I had just gotten serious into gmail and was wondering how this Virginia Tech guy was suddenly suddenly showing up on my gchat list. Since, then f4h became one of my favorite turkeybirds and good friend - various drunken shenanigans have proven as much. I've always enjoyed the interactions between FTRS and GC. I think it was evident that both sites were created out of sheer love for the game, bourbon, and trash-talk and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

GobblerCountry is going through the natural lifecycle of the blogosphere. A site shows up, stays a while, grows, consumes, and exhausts. It's just what happens and you come to learn to expect it. I've seen many a site flare up and die within weeks. I've seen many writers publish a post and disappear. Four years is a long time for a hobby-blog. Four years was a grand time for my good blogging bro.

Farewell my friend, it's been fun.

*Pours one out for the homie*