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First Recruit on the Board: Travis Custis

We got one! RB Travis Custis out of Lovejoy HS in Hampton, GA comes in at 6'0" and 212, almost the perfect size for a B-Back (Jon Dwyer came in at 5'11" 230). His high school may sound familiar because its where TC22 came from! Conveniently for us, Travis has already broken every record set by Deuce in his time there. He also earned offensive player of the year honors for class 4A. I suppose those are good signs! Mr. Custis could stand to use a little muscle, but he sure couldn't stand to lose any speed:

Look at that beautiful running style, shifty yet bursty, powerful yet agile. He can clearly run every which way on the field, which is critical for escaping the pile-up if things go wrong in the trenches. He reminds me of a certain someone with initials J.D, and its not Jack Daniels. This kid looks to be the prototypical B-Back, which is something we've certainly been lacking as of late. He looks to be scare the pants off any defense not watching the dive closely. Its just a shame he's not coming this year so we couldn't have a tag team of him and Orwin! Its good though to see a kid commit so early, especially such a good prospect (one of the top in the state for 2013), but his 2.9 GPA scares me a little. Hopefully he doesn't use this commitment as an excuse to slack off and not meet admission requirements. It sure doesn't seem like he lacks the work ethic though, as his coaches are quoted as saying "no one's going to outwork him in the locker room." Welcome to the flats Travis, we sure are glad to have ya!