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A Few Noteworthy Items Going Into Tomorrow's Spring Game

<em>Will we see any of this on Friday? 
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)</em>
Will we see any of this on Friday? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Just a few things to be aware of once you get here for the giant block party that will be our Spring Game tomorrow night:

1) Synjyn Days' status is unknown

Days injured his left (non-passing) wrist at the very end of Wednesday's practice. It's unclear at this point how bad it is or whether it will keep him out of the game, but if it does, expect to see a lot more snaps between freshman Dennis Andrews, transfer Tim Byerly, and walk-on Darryl Dickey. The plan seems to have Washington on the field for only a couple drives, as the coaches are very aware of what he's capable of at this point and he's pretty clearly still way out in front as the starting QB.

2) We've had quite the injury-laden Spring

I want to say we have a third of our O-Line down with injuries. They're down to 11 (including walk-ons), and that may drop to 10 if Shaq Mason cannot go (he has an undisclosed injury, also of unknown status -- included in the above link). So if anyone is interested in playing backup OL tomorrow, come to the game ready to go and chances are you'll get subbed in at some point or another. On a more serious note, this is the sort of thing you risk with as much full-contact practicing as Johnson does. I love that he does it and I think it's much more effective than two-hand-touch practice, but this is the downside, where you run the risk of injuries you can't get from just running.

3) Daniel Drummond will probably be suspended for the VT game

He pled guilty on Wednesday to boating under the influence last July on Lake Lanier, good for 12 months of probation, a $1,000 fine, 10 hours of community service, drug/alcohol counseling through the athletic department, and in all likelihood a one-way ticket to the bench for the Virginia Tech game. Drummond is a pretty good inside linebacker (he's one of two ILB starters) and it sucks to lose him. Hopefully someone like Jabari Hunt-Days can step up and take his place for that prime-time game.

Other than that, get pumped for this spring game! We're going to see a lot of Vad Lee, a lot of young players, a new defensive scheme, more secondary talent than we know what to do with, a fireworks show, and a concert! If you don't have a serious commitment on Friday, join us on The Flats at 7:45pm as we take in the one game a year where you really have no idea who to cheer for.