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Georgia Tech Football: What We Can Look For On Friday Night

The Georgia Tech Friday night Spring Game is only two days away and there is quite a bit to look forward to beyond just football being back for a night.

Here are some things to be on the lookout for come Friday night.

1. The Athletic Department continues to market to the fans.

If you listen to 99x at all you know that there will be a pre-game tailgate and post-game concert in Callaway Plaza. Civil Twilight will be headlining the festivities.

2. The Georgia Tech Running Back Shuf-fle

Just about everyone has taken turns at A-back and B-back, including Synjyn Days, David Sims, and Charles Perkins.

3. The offensive line won't look like it will come September

I overheard some kids talking during lunch over the weekend about the Georgia Tech O-Line. One kid said "How can we even have a spring game when we can't field an offensive line?".

Up to 5 OL players have encountered some sort of injury during spring practices.

4. The Shotgun ain't dead yet!

5. A "go-to" receiver

Time to see a new receiver take control of the position and fill the shoes of Stephen Hill and Demaryius Thomas.

6. Nose Tackle improvement

These are my top 5 things I'll be looking for on Friday. By no means is it extensive or 100% informed or educated. What will you look for?