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M stands for Monday, Morning, and Mustache: A New FTRS Feature

Continuing with the theme of 'things I would find entertaining that we might as well write about since we don't have much else to discuss right now', I want to introduce MY new weekly feature that will run for as long as I can keep creating content for it. Every Monday morning for the next quite a few weeks, you will arrive to work (at or after 8am, EST) to an article profiling famous sports mustaches. Why? As we learned before through a very extensive video series, we here at FTRS enjoy manly things, and mustaches are reasonably manly.

The first mustache we'll profile here belongs to one of the best, most well-renowned coaches in NFL history, known affectionately as "Da Coach". Yes, we're talking about the one and only Mike Ditka.



I'm not sure that there's ever been a more appropriate mustache. Here you have a football coach, from the 80s, who wears a coat and tie mixed with a ridiculous, trademark sweater and aviators on the sidelines, with a 'stache that is none-too-overpowering. Well shaped, well groomed, and almost unnoticeable because it just fits so well. Not to mention that this mustache powered him to a .631 winning percentage and a Super Bowl ring in 11 years as head coach of the Bears. This is the kind of mustache that all men only dream of growing, in that it's classic, impressive, and brings success. All hail the Ditka-stache.

To encourage reader participation, I will leave a poll at the bottom so that you can vote on next week's mustache to be profiled. Each week you will get 3 choices, as well as the option to bring back our white football helmets.

(On a side note, I have a future roommate who is probably "pitching a tent" after reading an article concerning how awesome the Bears ("DAAAAA Bears") and Da Coach are. You know who you are.)