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Looking (Too far) Ahead: The Defensive Class of 2013

Clearly, he's being replaced.
Clearly, he's being replaced.

Our biggest needs on defense (judging by the number of offers we have out right now) will be addressing depth at NT and LB. We shored up the DE position mightily this year, but we're going to need someone to play between Kallon and Chungong (or Gotsis or Gamble or Denzel McCoy get the idea) in 2013. We've offered a good number of DTs, and all currently have offers from a plethora of schools including the Roll Tahdes and the Dwags of the world. NTs are few and far between, so this makes sense. One kid that's particularly impressive is Michael Hill out of Pendleton, SC. This young man comes in at 6'3", 315 and is an extraordinary physical specimen. Check out his block-shedding abilities:

Michael Hill (two games from junior year) (via 247SportsStudio)

Look at how much fun he's having! Its like us if we were designing something or not talking to women! This kid is a pipe dream though, considering his size. Anyhow, we've offered 3 other NTs, so we'll keep a close eye on those.

DB is next, and again we've got a number of offers out here (remember that the coaches aren't expecting a high return on these early offers, which have gone out to highly-ranked recruits that will likely end up being told they have SEC speed or some other horse crap). This group will be a fun one to watch based on our current personnel of 11, which is very young, plus the two we brought in this year in Lynn Griffin and DJ White. On the subject of the actual recruits, though, they all have a cornucopia of offers from schools all over the map, from TAHDE to WarPlainsEagles to Purdue to Cal to FooSoo (my affectionate term for Florida State) and are once again a testament to this staff's eye for strong talents. Specifically, a young man by the name of Vernon Hargreaves III (Auto-bid for a name like that) out of Tampa, who has 20 offers from across the land, caught my eye. He checks in at 5'10" 177 and boy can he play. He's speedy and agile and can knock down balls like Winfield knocked down panties when he drove the Reck. I'm really hoping for this guy, but again he has 20 offers so who knows?

As far as the LB's go, There's one name you should be aware of: Niam Mustafaa. This 6'4", 235 DE/LB has offers from every which way already, but more importantly his dad played for Georgia Tech and we're the only place he's visited several times. He likes us a lot but is "taking it slow" according to the dwag student paper. We've also offered 4 other LBs of similar size, and it seems Al Groh has really hit the seam when it comes to recruiting the do-all guys in his system.

Well, that's the D class of 2013. Hope you don't mind if Joey and I take a break for a bit while things settle down on the recruiting front. There may be articles of other varieties, but as for recruiting we'll only post for big news (read: commitments). We'll be featured in the new video series, so look out for those soon!