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Looking (too far) Ahead: The Offensive Class of 2013

As most of you are well aware, Georgia Tech recently had its junior day. Here now to cover the class of 2013 are: writings I stole from Joey and some stuff I wrote (see if you can guess where the transition is)! After the jump, we'll begin our obsession and try to pick out who will be the next Dalvin Tomlinson so we know who our ire will be directed toward next year. My money's on Joey. Don't ask me how he'll get recruited, maybe he'll fail out of tech and go back to Lawerenceville for a super senior year!


On offense, our first spot will likely be another QB. Tevin Washington will be graduating, and there's a lot of uncertainty past that. Johnson's philosophy is that the type of QB we recruit allows them to play other positions if the whole QB thing doesn't work out (see: David Sims). There's still no telling whether Vad Lee will end up panning out or if Synjyn Days will end up with the starting job or just what will happen with Dennis Andrews and Justin Thomas. That being said, one or more of them are likely to end up at AB or DB, meaning there will be a slot to fill at QB again next year. We've currently offered one QB, Juwaan Williams of Tucker, GA.

All of that taken into consideration, we're only going to target cream-of-the-crop ABs and BBs since we're so deep at the positions and don't need more players unless they're real difference makers. We could sign one of each, but signing one of either is a somewhat unlikely case. We've currently offered 2 BB's and 3 AB's, but take that with a grain of salt as we seem to be offering those we'd like to have but consider long shots and will likely end up at football factories.

At receiver, we have Chris Jackson graduating after this season, and after a very favorable receiver class (Henry, Summers, and Autry) we're only looking to sign one receiver in order to replace Jackson. We've only offered one as of now: Zach Bradshaw of Damascus, MD.

Our offensive line is getting stronger every year, but we're still trying to continue building depth. Johnson is looking to sign 3-4 OLs for next year with the graduation of Omoregie Uzzi and Nick McRae, along with the loss of Will Adams' commitment and Phil Smith. We currently have offers out to 6 prospects, including the highly-touted "package deal" out of Tri-Cities, GA in Shamire Devine (6'7", 332lbs) and Jeremi Hall (6'4", 335lbs). This kiddos are beastly and look like they would eat your child if they were hungry enough:



Ok, so they're actually pretty friendly looking dudes, but I imagine once they get in the trenches they're less "lets hang out" and more "I'm a semi truck and you're a squirrel, move bitch." Chip Towers of the AJC says we have a decent chance with these guys, and I'm praying he's right.

That's all folks, we'll have the Defensive write-up out on Tuesday since this article was getting FAR too long.