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GT Athletics 2012 Performance Review: Men's Basketball Coach Brian Gregory

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A few weeks ago, we offered a review of Georgia Tech's 2011-2012 basketball season, which not only introduced the Greg-o-rymeter (pronounced Greg-o-RIM-iter) to our fine site, but also functioned as a sort of performance review for Coach Gregory, so we won't bore you again with the same content. However, I need to hit 150 words to make this a legitimate article, so I'll give you a quick Gregory-focused rundown of our basketball program.

Nobody is really too concerned with how this season turned out, as nobody had any sort of expectations coming in. The idea was new coach, no home stadium, no reason to expect too much from these guys. There were a few bright spots in the season, even in losses that were a lot closer than anyone would have predicted, and overall there were some encouraging signs from the team that we didn't have under Paul Hewitt, including such absurd things as "organized offense" and "fundamentals".

Looking forward, we have a solid recruiting class coming in, including a couple of 4-star prospects, a 3-star prospect, and the son of "Ironhead" Heyward and brother of Cameron Heyward. Also, seeing as Gregory came out of the coaching tree of Tom Izzo, he has quite the defensive mind, and the team has already shown signs of picking up on that. Hopefully we can harness the talent on our roster next year and make a significant improvement going into next year. At this point, the fanbase will be thrilled to see some improvement of any sort, and as long as the team is improving noticeably I think folks will be as thrilled to have Coach Gregory around as he is to be around.