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March Madness without the Good Guys

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March Madness is never quite the same when your favorite team isn't playing in it. However, a lot of us are still big enough sports fans to pick another team that we want to pull for. Who is your 'other team'? Do you have another favorite team? Are you hoping to see an All-ACC Final 4? Do you just pull against uga, even though they aren't in the tournament at all?

My second team is the Louisville Cardinals, which has come in handy at this time of the year quite a bit lately. My father was raised in Louisville, and between that and my mother's entire family being some seriously obnoxious Kentucky fans (annoying SEC fans exist....who knew?), I've always pulled for the Cardinals. I love Rick Pitino, but have the Cardinals going down in the Sweet Sixteen to my eventual champion, Michigan State. Do you let your allegiances affect how you pick a bracket? I guess I do, but more in that I trust that none of my favorite teams will ever win the big one, so it's more in figuring out where I expect them to lose. Yay for optimism!