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FTRS Wants To Know Who Your Cinderella Is And How'd You Pick Them In The NCAA Tournament

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I still get excited about the NCAA Tournament whether or not Georgia Tech made it or not. I think it was always because of the amount of games I could watch in the middle of the day (school hours). It made it feel like a very special occasion. Now, with all the TV networks getting some slice of the basketball pie, it's set up so that we can watch the tip-off of every game without too much of a problem, but some of that excitement still remains.

This afternoon, I want to know who your Cinderella is, if you even have one. When I threw in the towel on Georgia Tech's season, I seemed to have also thrown in the towel for the rest of the 2011-2012 season so I went "chalk" on many teams and my final four team is quite boring: Missouri, Kentucky, UNC, and Ohio State and Ohio State. My Cinderella teams are NC State (#11) and Murray State (#6) both making the Sweet 16.

Who's your Cinderella?

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