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Join FTRS' And SBNation's Bracket Challenges!

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Georgia Tech never lost all chances to be in the NCAA tournament this year but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun with brackets. We just won't have to worry about a "head" and a "heart" bracket (trying to find a silver lining here guys).

There are multiple ways you can jump in and play March Madness with all your FTRS/SBNation friends.

1. Join FTRS' NCAA Bracket Challenge. I'll be traveling and working in both Mexico and Europe. Think you can beat me while I'm only putting one eyeball on the tournament? Group Name: From The Rumble Seat. PW: gojackets

2. Join SBNation's NCAA Bracket Challenge. The entire network is putting together a competition and I want to see the champion come out of FTRS. There is no password required for entry in this bracket contest.

My biggest troubles are picking 8/9 and 5/12 games. This year will be the worst as I have not really paid too much attention to college basketball this year, I mean Florida State got the #3 seed in the ACC this year? Wut? My 5/12 picks will literally be coin flips. What about you?

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