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Getting to Know our New Recruits: ATH Marcus Allen

Is this the B-Back we've been waiting for?

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech

The next recruit I want to detail is a kid who was highly touted in high school. He's listed as an athlete who plays linebacker and running back out of Hilliard, FL (he's projected to play B-Back for us) -- the 3-star, 6'2", 210lb Marcus Allen.

Marcus Allen is regarded as one of our better pickups in this recruiting class. Allen reportedly had offers from 4 SEC schools, 3 ACC schools, and 3 B1G schools, among a number of other programs. He has outstanding acceleration and ballcarrier vision. He also has a good top end speed and seems rather difficult to bring down. A tough kid with a lot of talent it seems, I feel that he may have one flaw as a B-Back: his height of 6'2", if legitimate, is awfully high for a kid looking to get his pads as low as they should be to play that position (for reference, Dwyer is listed at 5'11", while Anthony Allen is 6'1"). My other concern is with his running style, which is a bit more towards juking than trucking. I feel like Allen could really pan out as the second coming of Orwin Smith if put at A-Back though, between the speed and size combination (also saw him throw a devastating block in his Rivals highlight video). Regardless though, he looks to have a bright future on the Flats, and we have a lot of reason to be very excited to welcome Marcus Allen to the Georgia Tech family!

Here are his junior highlights -- the running back stuff starts around 1:24.