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The Ultimate Georgia Tech Football Uniform Discussion.

Tech has worn white jerseys almost 75% of the time since 2002 despite Chan Gailey's best efforts to the contrary.
Tech has worn white jerseys almost 75% of the time since 2002 despite Chan Gailey's best efforts to the contrary.
I am calling out all discussion on Georgia Tech football uniforms. We are going to finally settle on what uniform Georgia Tech should wear when a-holes like Wake Forest, NC State, and Auburn aren't in town. This is the uniform which statistically pulls victory from the jaws of defeat more times than not. We aren't discussing any crazy stuff like black or pearl or pink cancer awareness-type scenarios. We are talking about gold hats. We are talking white versus navy versus gold jerseys. We are talking white versus gold pants. We are talking black versus white shoes.

The first issue to settle is shoes. Black shoes win. Period. Ever since Georgia Tech switched from the all white shoes to all black or half and half, Tech has won 62% of its games. All white shoes only won 57% of their games from August 2002-October 2006. The switch occurred against UVA in 2006 on Throwback Thursday and it was the one of the few decisive victories we've seen against the Wahoos in 10 years. Black shoes or at least 50% black from now on. It is settled.

The second issue is debated on occasion but I'm settling it now. Georgia Tech wears gold helmets. Throwback Thursday was badass but we're not Oregon or Boise State or whoever. Georgia Tech is known for old gold helmets with a white "GT". If you want to wear a white helmet, buy one on eBay and wear it to the game. Our team has gold hats like Notre Dame, Florida State, Navy, and UCLA. It ain't broke so don't try to fix it.

The final two articles of clothing are the real meat of this argument. Shoes and hats are peripherals. Everyone really cares about the jerseys and in turn the pants. The first issue is overall winning percentage. If you were to rank the articles in terms of winning percentage from 2002-2011, it would go like this: #5 Navy Jerseys (0.00%), #4 White Pants (58.3%), #3 White Jerseys (60.4%), #2 Gold Pants (61.4%), and #1 Gold Jerseys (64.5%). Gold on gold, which has not been worn since probably ever reigns supreme. These numbers are deceptive. If you break down the pants and jerseys worn by home and road venue since 2002, you get the following chart:
A white jersey and white pants combo wins the homefield award while the Chan Gailey home uniform of gold tops with white pants wins the road award (despite very few events involving gold tops in bowl games or on the road). What say you? Do we try some mix and match with our tops and pants in 2012 to mix up the mojo?