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Georgia Tech Baseball: Home Opener Is Today Against Ohio State

After a week's delay of road games, college baseball finally comes to Georgia Tech as the Yellow Jackets will host Ohio State in the home opener at Russ Chandler Stadium this weekend. After dropping the first game to Kent State and legit pitcher David Starn, Tech rattled off four straight wins against the likes of Kent State, Winthrop, and Georgia Southern. And now, finally, we get to watch Georgia Tech take the field at Russ Chandler Stadium.

Tech has a history of hosting teams from the B1G and Big East as many of those schools have to come south due to winter weather. These type of matchups are good for both schools. The Buckeyes went 26-27 overall last year and 13-11 in conference. The numbers say we can take them likely but with it being February baseball, any team can take any game (see multiple years of WTF losses experienced by us).

Regardless, baseball is here! Sorry Sweetwater Brewery, we now have better things to do with our Friday evenings. Grab your cooler, leave work early (or don't go) and get ready for a dead skunk dance. It's baseball season.

Dead Skunk - Loudon Wainwright 3rd (via loudonwainwright3rd)

Georgia Tech vs. Ohio State Weekend Baseball Schedule:

Friday: 4pm

Saturday: 2pm

Sunday: 1pm.