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Getting to Know Our New Recruits: DB Lynn Griffin

We're looking at a total-package player today.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Recruit numero 13 that we're going to cover is a young man from my native Florida, Lynn Griffin. Of all the highlight videos we've watched over this recruiting period, this one was certainly my favorite. This guy has got speed, he's got strength, he's got vision, and he is a BALL. HAWK. He is always looking for the pigskin, whether it be coming in from behind to break up a play or reading the screen, intercepting it, and taking it to the house. He's also very versatile, and sets up at DB, OLB and DE in the video below. I particularly like his work at OLB, where he shows his excellent read skills and timing. He's rated 3-star, but we all know how super-accurate the star system is. Mr. Griffin had offers from UNC, Middle Tennessee, Wake, and Southern Miss; Miami (the real one) was showing interest. He committed in middle January, so he was a bit of a late bloomer on that front, but we got him and in the end that's all that matters. Take a look at this highlight video and it'll speak for itself to why this was such an important grab:

Did you see that shot in the beginning? The stuff of beauty, it is. He reminds me of Isiah Johnson in how quickly he runs and how he never gives up on his man (he could teach Isiah a thing about tackling, too)! I'm thinking we'd put him in as a CB since he's too tall at 6'3" to be a safety, but you never know what old Groh has up his sleeve. I'd also like him to play immediately, he certainly has the physical skill set for it. He might want to add a few pounds, but that's entirely possible over the course of the summer. Who knows, maybe he'll wind up at safety this year, but I only say that because he's so quick. Either way, its good to see this kid in the white and gold. Tear em up, Lynn!