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Getting to Know our New Recruits: ATH Michael Summers

A-Back? Wide Receiver? Elsewhere? You be the judge.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Since I figured discussion of the new guys (and unrelated topics) has been beat to death, I figured I'd give ya'll more background info on the "little" fellers. This will be part one of a series, but the length of the series is indeterminate since the number of commits Joey or I cover in each post will be determined by how much time we have on our hands. I'll just wet your palette with the first one today.

Meet Mike Summers out of Statesboro, GA. He's a 6'1" 190 ATH that was most frequently used as a WR/FB combo in high school. You read that right. WR/FB. He works out of this goofy 3-back formation that I haven't been able to identify but looks something like a spread run from under center:

Anyways, the big takeaway here is that this kid enjoys yards after contact, and is versatile in formation. He can clearly play anywhere and is smart enough to understand the game from all angles. He's listed as an ATH so they could put him anywhere, but I think given his frame he'll be used as an A-back or a Tyler Melton-like WR. Lots of blocking (check out 1:45 in the vid where he just tells the guy to SIT DOWN), maybe a reverse now and again (he's not that fast so this is probably unlikely, his 40 time is 4.48) and some good old fashioned route running now and again. I hope to see him catching short crossing routes (COUGH COUGH PJ) and blazing out of the backfield on the flats soon.