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FTRS Wants To Have Fun With PhotoShop And What Not. Won't You Join Us?

Today we're asking you to open up the creative portion of your brain...

I like the way our readership continues its conversations...from meme Mommas to 'Bama Fax Cam Girls to
a defensive line Oreo Sammich. It's hilarious reading the comments. So, because it's Friday, take the following pictures and have some fun with them.

Here's a picture of Buzz to start things off.



We all know Buzz is awesome. In fact, I'm pretty sure he's drunk 110% of the time.

#2 Meme Momma


Meme Momma is a party animal woo-girl. Say the wrong thing and she's like "WOOOO F*CK YOUUUUUU!" When you look at her you may say "Damn, she's old but man, I want to be in her party because she's crazy as hell."

#3 Bama Fax Cam Girl


The Bama Fax Cam Girl is the ultimate tease.

Add in anything you want. The top 3 pictures are just suggestions. Georgia Tech Rage Comics double bonus

Have fun. Happy Friday!