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Getting to Know our New Recruits: DB Anthony Autry

A 3-star kid from Gwinnett County who can play on both sides of the ball.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Next man up: 3-star DB Anthony Autry from Norcross, GA. Anthony committed December 9th, along with DJ White, at the end of his official visit. He committed over offers from Indiana and a few FCS schools, but he had gotten some attention from Arkansas, Middle Tennessee St, and Ohio. Sure seems that he didn't get a whole lot of attention in his recruiting, but he's a guy the staff is really excited about. From what I heard at Signing Day, Charles Kelly in particular is thrilled about the kid playing corner and sees a ton of potential in him.

He stands 6'2", weighs in at about 180lb, and runs a 40-yard dash in around 4.5sec. He played WR and DB at Norcross (which is a very, very good HS football program for those not familiar with Georgia's HS football), and that plus Kelly's optimism concerning him as a defensive back indicates to me that he has pretty good speed and coverage skills, but also solid ball skills, which can make a guy very dangerous in the secondary. While I keep saying defensive back and cornerback, he played safety in high school, which seems to fit a little better for a guy without elite speed, good ball skills and with a height of 6'2" (corners tend to be at 6' or less). He does a good job of getting to the play, making a lot of tackles after a guy had gotten around the corner or just was out into the open field. He also seems to have a surprising amount of strength, with a maximum squat of 375lb being over twice his body weight and seeing him manhandle a guy while blocking on a kick return in his film. Insider Eric Thompson of seems to think that his love and skill at blocking will mean he'll end up as a wide receiver, but with Travin Henry and Michael Summers already there, that need may be filled. Time will tell what the staff wants to do with him though.

I don't know that he'll be a superstar for us, but he does project as a solid, consistent player who will be a guy we're thankful to have around. Congratulations to Anthony, and welcome to Tech!