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Getting to Know our New Recruits: DT Pat Gamble

Might Gamble be the unsung hero of this recruiting class?

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

The next guy we're going to talk about could end up being another dark horse in the class. DT Pat Gamble became the class's fifth commitment to Tech way back in June over offers from uga, Stanford, South Florida, Virginia, Ole Miss, Boston College, Mississippi State, and Southern Miss. He measured in at 6'5", 250lb. I say "measured" because he now measures in at a reported 6'5" 275lb. Yes, he's put on 25lb in about 8 months. Good news for a DT. He was most impressed by Tech's academics, as he has a 3.9 GPA and hopes to get into the medical field one day. Said Gamble, "One of my family members is in that medical field. I visited with them, they showed me the lab, and they explained how they help people in so many ways. I really liked everything about it. I want to help people, too." Looks like we've signed a promising prospect at DT, but more importantly we've signed a great kid with his head on straight. But now that we've established the latter part of that statement, let's talk a little about the former.

The three-star DT really hasn't gotten much attention since his commitment in June, but popular opinion says that if he had waited to do a hat ceremony on Signing Day, he would have been upgraded to a four-star prospect. He's a beast down there in the trenches, very strong with a nasty bull rush that creates a ton of penetration on the interior line. (You're on the clock for making an immature, inappropriate joke about that one.) Without much film, I can't really say too much more. He was recruited as a DT, but if he maintains his current size (or maybe adds another 10lb or so) he could see significant time at DE, depending on how deep we end up being at DT. I'm really starting to shudder thinking of a defensive front of Gotsis, flanked by Kallon and Gamble. We really did a fantastic job addressing a major need on the D-Line with this class, and hopefully after last year's linebacker class (Anthony Harrell, Jabari Hunt-Days, Tremayne McNair, Nick Menocal, Sean Tobin) we've set ourselves up with the proper 3-4 personnel that we've lacked under Groh to really make the defense function well. I think we're going to end up really happy that we have Pat Gamble on the Flats!

There really isn't a high-quality highlight video that I could find, but here's the Rivals tape on him as a sophomore. He's largely playing OL, but regardless of which side of the line he's on, he's an absolute monster, having his way with the guys on the other side. Pretty impressive, considering he's grown for two years since then....