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Ralph Friedgen To Georgia Tech: Good Idea? Bad Idea? Real Rumor?

It's the offseason, so let's take broad sweeping tweets that anyone can make up and pretend that these rumors have legs. Hey everyone, the NCAA may ban Miami from football forever.

Yesterday, FTRS commenter GTLineageX11 Fanshotted a SBNATL post about the possibilities of Ralph Friedgen coming back to Georgia Tech to coach the offensive line. If there are any legs to this rumor, the name recognition of Paul Johnson's staff would surely increase along with the personalities. I am sure one of the reasons Paul Johnson and Al Groh get along so well is that one coaches the offense while the other takes the defense under control. Ralph Friedgen, a former big time offensive coordinator (NCAA and NFL) and head coach would have to be willing to accept his role as an offensive line coach and follow the wishes of CPJ.

Talking about it without comprehending it fully makes it sound exciting. Tech fans still tie success to Ralph Friedgen's name and and the same Tech fans fear that Mark Richt will snatch him for Athens for the sole purpose of ironic pain on our behalf.

Ralph Friedgen grew up under the tutelage of Bobby Ross and was the offensive coordinator from 1987-1991 and from 1997-2000 when George O'Leary took over at The Flats. Friedgen left Tech to become the head coach of the Maryland Terrapins, and we all know how that ended for him (unfortunately).

Questions definitely surround the position as the Tech offensive line will always be the undersized unit and must rely on more skill than strength.