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Getting to Know our New Recruits: WR Travin Henry

Today, it's one hoss of a receiver.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Our next recruit has been referred to as a bit of a "diamond in the rough". And to be quite honest with you, I'm not sure that there's a term that could fit this kid any better. Meet WR Travin (Tray-vin) Henry. He comes from Cook High School in Adel, GA. If you have no idea where that is, don't feel bad, it's not really a high-profile place (for the record, it's about 25 miles north of Valdosta on I-75). He was recruited by Coach Andy McCollum (who, if you've never heard him speak, has a real thick Southern drawl and is quite entertaining overall), who said that, "Most coaches just stick near the interstate when recruitin' in the Southern part of the state...but sometimes ya find some real dandies when ya get out there into tha woods." It took us an awfully long time to discover him, but thank God we did, because he's an incredible athlete and has a ton of potential to add to our passing game (and to continue with the "Georgia Tech has awesome talent evaluation" trend, we were the first BCS program to offer, and once we did he got an offer from Vanderbilt and interest from Arkansas and uga).

Henry measured in at 6'4", 228lb (for reference, I heard of a guy named Demariyus Thomas who measured in at 6'4", I think it's fair to say that they have a similar build). That is a monster to have playing on the perimeter, and clearly a guy that opposing secondaries will struggle wrestling with. He played WR and DE in high school (odd combination, I know), but as a receiver seemed very talented at going up and making catches down the field in coverage. He's really not a burner at WR at all, but appears to be a fantastic tight end-esque guy, who's a got the size and strength to effectively block on the perimeter, while also having the ability to use his size to impose his will upon a secondary and catch a lot of passes down the field. As a side note, word has it that Johnson's looking to create a bit of a new WR duo, with one being a larger, TE-type with the other being the speedy deep threat. Henry fits the larger, TE role perfectly.

I think in the end this guy will end up being one of the "impact players" from this class, making a big difference in the passing game during his time here. Welcome to Tech, Travin!