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A Quick PSA Concerning the Integrity of FTRS

Something has come to light in the last few weeks, and I feel it's time that we had a talk, FTRS readers.

We're allowed to hate each other, so long as we're cordial about it.
We're allowed to hate each other, so long as we're cordial about it.

In the weeks since we began Hate Week, we've had a lot of interactions on this blog from members of the georgia community. That's good, I love seeing outside perspective and hearing insiders' view on other teams so that we might know a little more about who we're going to be playing against. Even when it's against our rivals, whom we proudly proclaim our hatred for at every opportunity, I welcome them to the FTRS community, that we might enjoy a good discussion and a good mockery, assuming it's all in good fun.

That said, we've gotten to a point that it's no longer about the discussion, and it's all about the mockery, getting a reaction, and general tomfoolery. Commenters have gone out of the way to point out some of the main offenders from the uga side, leading us in pointless circles of frustration and stupidity. If you disagree with my poll, that's fine -- but I don't want to hear about it in a trolling, "LilBroey's just an idiot who doesn't understand football" kind of manner. I want to hear it in a way that fuels intellectual discussion (i.e. "here's why Florida State is ranked way too high and Florida way too low", as opposed to "WTF IS THIS GARBAGE RAWWWR YOU DUMBASS SEC ACC SEC").

Enough is enough. There are certain parts of the internet that are made for this crap that I've been seeing lately, and this isn't it. If you want to troll and shoot your mouth off with no intelligence behind it, take it elsewhere. FTRS always has been, and always will be, here for civil, intellectual discussion.

Again, occasional playful banter is OK -- but it's gone too far lately, and I'm sick of it. No more.

By the way, FTRS Regulars: If you haven't already, I'd suggest checking out Dawg Sports, the SB Nation home of the Bulldogs. They have some truly phenomenal writers and content over there, it's honestly some of the best that this network has to offer. Meanwhile, Dawg Sports readers will always be welcome here, and yes, you can engage us in the occasional playful banter. You guys have no teeth, we have no girls or social skills. I get it. I just don't need hundreds of comments over 3 straight weeks proclaiming those jokes with no real content behind them.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.