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Week 14 BlogPoll "Ballot"

I was a little slow out of the gate this week, and didn't get an actual ballot in, but here are my thoughts in any case.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I know, I'm lame, lazy, disappointing, etc, and did not get a BlogPoll ballot in by the Tuesday at 9am deadline. My sincerest apologies for everyone who's probably judging the crap out of me. I'll make up for it, I promise (I've got something in the works for later this week that you guys will probably enjoy).

Anyways, here's my ballot, done analog-style because I'm not much for HTML and there's no way to get the program to generate it for me this week. Insert some background 8-bit music if you'd like...

---SB Nation Presents, BlogPoll 2012!---
Presented by Hyundai
Week 14

1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish -
2 Alabama Crimson Tide -
3 Oregon Ducks -
4 Ohio St Buckeyes -
5 Stanford Cardinal -
6 Kansas St. Wildcats -
7 Texas A&M Aggies -
8 georgia Bulldogs ^ 3
9 Florida St. Seminoles v 1
10 Oklahoma Sooners v 1
11 LSU Tigers v 1
12 South Carolina Gamecocks -
13 Florida Gators -
14 Clemson Tigers -
15 Oregon St. Beavers -
16 Northwestern Wildcats ^ 1
17 Utah St Aggies ^ 1
18 Oklahoma St. Cowboys ^ 2
19 Texas Longhorns ^ 2
20 USC Trojans ^3
21 UCLA Bruins ^1
22 Louisville Cardinals
23 Nebraska Cornhuskers v 7
24 Michigan Wolverines ^ 1
25 Northern Illinois Huskies -

Dropout: (19) Kent St. Golden Flashes

Nebraska and Kent St. took huge falls after losses (Nebraska gave up well over 600 yards and lost by 39, Kent St. lost to Northern Illinois). uga gained 3 spots by taking a great Alabama team to the wire (to be honest, if not for a player reflexively catching the ball off of a tip, they would have beaten Alabama). Florida State loses a spot by being taken more-or-less to the wire and being shut down in the second half by a team that hasn't been in the Top 25 for at least 2 months now.

Your thoughts, readers? Who really impressed or disappointed you this weekend?