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GAMETHREAD: Clean, Old Fashioned-Hate 2012 -- Basketball Edition

Georgia Tech takes on their in-state rival georgia for the first time at the new McCamish Pavilion. Discuss the game here.


Well everyone, we didn't really fare too well a couple of weeks ago Between the Hedges, but it's time to earn ourselves back some bragging rights. Last year, Tech won in Athens for the first time since 1975. Tonight, they have a chance to be the first team to beat their hated rivals in the McCamish Pavilion. The Dwags come in with a 2-5 record, lacking a win over a team from a school that plays FBS-level football. Tech comes in coming off of a road trip to Anaheim in which they went 2-2, featuring losses to Cal and a very good Illinois team, along with wins over Rice and St. Mary's.

The 4-2 Jackets will be given a tough game from their rivals, but here's to hoping the good guys can pull it off. Game's at 7pm on ESPNU, and FTRS's newest staff member, Chas Plaisance, will be on the scene covering all of the action. Follow his comments here, and on Twitter @FTRSChas.