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The Last Time Georgia Tech Won a Bowl Game...

I thought it'd be interesting (although depressing) to put into context how long it's been since Tech won a bowl game. The last time Tech won a bowl game was December 21, 2004, and...

- The guy who graced the cover of Madden '13 and just set the all-time single season receiving yards record, Calvin Johnson, was a freshman on the Flats. Patriots' LB Gary Guyton was a freshman as well, while Reggie Ball was a sophomore.

- Paul Johnson posted a 9-2 record at Navy, the best for that program in nearly 50 years. He then defeated New Mexico by 15 points for the school's 5th bowl win.

- Tevin Washington was 14 years old and was a freshman in high school. Vad Lee was 11 years old and had just completed his first 4 months of middle school.

- The ACC had only 11 teams, including the newly-added Virginia Tech Hokies and Miami Hurricanes. It wasn't until the next year that they would add Boston College to round the conference out at 12 teams. (Louisville was also a member of Conference USA.)

- The Falcons were less than a month from scoring their most recent playoff victory in franchise history.

- The Boston Red Sox were under 2 months removed from breaking the "Curse of the Bambino" and winning the franchise's first World Series since 1918 by sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals.

- President George W. Bush was less than 2 months removed from having won re-election.

- Pluto was still considered a planet, YouTube was a little under 2 months away from being founded, Pope John Paul II had over 3 months of life left, and President Ronald Reagan had been dead only 6.5 months.

Hopefully this helps you to understand the magnitude of the streak we once again try to break today. Let's knock this thing out. Go Jackets.