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A Great Reason to Be Proud of Our Team

I get emails daily from one of the directors out our SID containing interesting tidbits of information of all kinds. Today's email included a post from an El Paso mother who has noticed our players in news and in passing during their time there. Reading her note filled me with pride in our players and our institution, and hopefully will do the same for you. Never forget, amongst all of the sports-related trash talk, the values that the Georgia Tech community truly cherishes in it's members.

The following message was posted on the Georgia Tech athletics Facebook page today:

"I am a resident of El Paso TX, my husband is a Soldier, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am bringing my son & 2 of his friends from his high school football team to the Sun Bowl on Monday. & wanted to let you know how much, as a parent, I appreciate the way that your team has carried themselves & how well they have represented your school & program in El Paso. We have only seen them in passing & read about their visit to the local hospital & to Fort Bliss, but I am impressed with their demeanor & the way that your players are carrying themselves as ambassadors for your school. I appreciate that Georgia Tech players are making a difference - I have spoken highly of them to my son & am using them as a great example of the type of player that I hope my son will become. Normally, we cheer SEC, but we got our tickets because we love football & wanted to see a good game - but your players have made us fans - so while we will be sitting on the USC side of the field - we will be the crazy folks cheering for Georgia Tech. Good Luck!! We'll be cheering for you!"

Go Jackets!!